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But Stranger Still is Lost Carcosa (NecronomiCon 2022)

By on September 28, 2022 in Convention Panel with 0 Comments

On the shores of Lake Hali, in the star cluster Hyades stands the doomed city of Carcosa. Created by Bierce, developed by Chambers, and embraced by many others in fiction, games, and television, Carcosa is a mysterious and dread location. Our panelists discuss representations of the city and its inhabitants in different works, and how […]

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Everyone Dies or Goes Insane: Survival and Consequences in Horror Gaming (NecronomiCon 2022)

By on September 21, 2022 in Convention Panel with 0 Comments

Horror RPGs such as Call of Cthulhu are characterized as “everyone dies or goes insane” in every game, but in reality, all games should not require tearing up character sheets. This panel explores the options and reasons for character survival. How does the Keeper employ game mechanics and meaningful consequences that are true to theme […]

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Lovecraft in Southeast Asia (NecronomiCon 2022)

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Classic pulp-era writers looked to French Indochina and the islands of the South Pacific as mysterious and exotic settings, a source for strange artifacts and distant adventure. Leng, the Tcho-Tcho, and Shugoran were inserted into the region without consideration for local cultures and history. Unsurprisingly, fiction and gaming scenarios by Western authors often focus on […]

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Grimdark Fantasy RPGs as Comic Horror

By on September 7, 2022 in Convention Panel with 0 Comments

Any system can be played dark, but some have brutality, hopelessness, and dystopia baked into their core. What are the challenges and pitfalls of running a grimdark campaign? What systems and mechanics work to reinforce those themes? Our experts discuss systems, rules, tips and methods for keeping the brutal, nihilistic darkness fun at the tabletop, […]

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The Body as Horror Landscape – Body Horror, Gender and Sexuality

By on August 31, 2022 in Convention Panel with 0 Comments

Our panelists discuss the ways in which the body is a physical and symbolic vehicle for horror and the weird in film, art, and literature, with particular attention to the intersections of gender and sexuality. Victoria Dalpe (M) https://victoriadalpe.blogspot.com/ Michal Choinski https://michalchoinski.com/ Scott Dwyer http://www.theplutonian.com/p/plutonian-press.html Zin E. Rocklyn https://twitter.com/intelligentwat LC von Hessen https://twitter.com/lcvonhessen CORE Products: […]

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