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Gamer Fuel – World’s Best Chili!

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World’s Best?! That’s right. YOU might have your own World’s Best Chili Recipe, but I don’t care.

This, not only is delicious the first time, but the few days worth of leftovers is much more scrumptious than you can imagine AND it saves you lunch money too.

A win-win!

So, now that Autumn is well underway and the days are gradually getting cooler, I like to tweak my diet a bit and add some comfort food to it. The few extra pounds gained over the next three Holiday months is completely worth it to me.

I love soups, stews, chicken-pot-pies, and, of course, my mother’s chili. Add to that loaves of dark pumpernickel bread (marble rye is good too) to dip and scoop up all that goodness with and I am set! Well, maybe a glass of wine or hard cider as well.

My brother and I grew up eating this savory chili. It, along with mom’s fried chicken, was one of our favorites. She had several amazingly tasty dishes that would be lovingly made only several times a year.

‘Twas a treat we greatly looked forward to.

So, enough jabbering, time to get down to business. Without further ado, I give you – Mom’s Chili Recipe – The Best Stuff on Earth…


Kidney Beans (white or red) rinsed and drained- 1 large can (24 oz. I think) of Hanover brand + one small can (15-18 oz.)
Tutto Rosso tomato puree – 1 large can + 1/2 can or small 15-18 oz. can.
1.5 pounds of ground beef (I have used turkey as well).
And a tablespoon (At least. You may add more for your own tastes) of the following: Oregano, Cumin, Turmeric, Whole Leaf Basil or crushed, Onion Powder (or 1 onion), Chili Powder, Garlic Powder (or 1 clove), Marjoram, optional – sugar.
Glass of wine or beverage of choice.

In a large IRON SKILLET, brown your meat. Take a sip of wine or beverage. Listen to a podcast or music whilst you stir your meat. Drain off fat if you wish. I leave it. Who cares, right?
Now, while the meat is browning, open cans of beans, rinse them and drain. Set aside at the ready.
Next, grab a large pot (and lid) and add to it the cans of tomato puree, browned meat, all your spices, and one can of water (I usually use the smaller can, but you can adjust for you own preferences)!
Stir this up real good.
Cover pot.
Cook this on the stovetop, low-medium flame/heat, (you may find you need to adjust flame to keep at a rolling simmer) for about one hour.
Take another sip of beverage. Listening to music? Cool. Dance a bit. Be careful not to spill your drink.
Finally, at the hour mark, add to the cauldron your cans of rinsed and drained beans.
Cook for 30 minutes more. I know, I know, however, it’s worth the prep time.
This will make about 8-10 servings. Container up any leftovers and refrigerate.

Note: for thicker, stew-like broth, add the beans with all the rest and cook for 1.5 hours. I prefer a thinner broth, so I add the beans for the final 30 minutes.

Now you have a delicious meal that is high in protein and fiber!

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