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Cypher System Session 8

By on February 1, 2018 in LoTT Actual Play with 0 Comments

Valos (Shadow Raven) – John Decurro Laren – John Milo Sonder – Trevor GM – Jesse   https://www.birdscoffeecompany.com/co… Use Code Legends10 to get 10% off your order!

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118 NecronomiCon Wrap up

By on August 30, 2017 in Legends of Tabletop with 0 Comments

Another NecronomiCon is in the books. Join us tonight as we pull it apart and find out what makes NecronomiCon such a a great Con. Jesse: http://thedragonfisters.blogspot.com/ Jef: http://www.intothedarkness.club/ Ash: https://www.cinereusdarrow.com/ Brett: https://www.brettmillermusic.net/ Chad: http://www.mu-podcast.com/ Bluebeard’s Bride http://www.mu-podcast.com/mup-interview-bluebeards-bride-with-strix/ Pete: https://www.amazon.com/Peter-Rawlik/e/B00A2O752K Shout out to Fandible, the best Actual Play podcast out there! http://www.fandible.com/ www.birdscoffeecompany.com/ Use Code Legends10 to […]

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101 Lee Bamber The Game Creators Interview (Mp3)

By on April 8, 2017 in Interview, SoundCloud MP3s with 0 Comments

Join Leah as she chats with Lee Bamber, CEO of The Game Creators. MyWorld – Where action RPG begins! MyWorld is an action RPG adventure creator with built-in worlds; ready to be conquered and kick-start your imagination. Solid multi-player means you can battle alongside or against friends and foes with PvP and Co-Op modes. Invite […]

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Episode 100 (Mp3)

Holy crap we’re recording episode 100. In June of 2015 we recorded our first ever podcast. It was awkward and short but it started us down the path and we’ve never looked back. There’s been a bit of a learning curve and some of the early episode are a bit rough but it’s always been […]

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081 Interview with Jon Ruland of Spider Goat Games (Mp3)

By on December 9, 2016 in Interview, SoundCloud MP3s with 0 Comments

The Mp3 of my talk with Jon about the cool things happening over at Spider Goat Games. Their current offerings are Martial Art, a beautiful Japanese themed card game and Gangster Dice a fun “Screw your neighbor” dice game. Spider-Goat Games is a Tucson-based Table Top Boardgame publisher. We have always loved games and we […]

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