038 Legends of Tabletop Interview with Dan and Mike of NSB Games (Mp3)

by | Apr 10, 2016 | Interview, SoundCloud MP3s

This space-based Card and Dice tabletop game which features epic combat between warships, firefights during Marine boarding actions, and a multitude of clever tactics and galaxy-shaking events, Hull Breach is one of the fastest-growing platforms in the gaming world.

In Hull Breach, you assume command of an advanced space station belonging to one of our several in-game factions and fight it out with one or more other Commanders to achieve galactic domination.

The object of the game is to protect your Station – your home in space – from other Commanders while trying to capture or destroy theirs. Be warned – they’re trying to do the same thing to you. It’s a tough galaxy and at the end of the day only one Commander will remain standing. Only through careful planning can the most daring gain command of the galaxy.




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