115 Spider Goat Games – Dark Web

by | Jul 18, 2017 | Interview, Videos

I’ll be talking with Jonathan Ruland from Spider Goat Games about their current Kickstarter Dark Web.

Featuring retro ASCII art, Dark Web is a card game of computer hacking in the 1990s. A small band of freedom fighting hackers team up to take down an evil corporation, and they meet anonymously over computer networks to conceal their identities. But there’s a problem — one of them might be working for the corporation!

The goal of the game is to search the servers and download enough data files to expose the corporation’s nefarious plans. But be wary of searching too deep as security software may kick in, lock you out of the servers, and you will lose all the data you’ve found!

For IT players, do whatever it takes to stop the hackers–lie about your cards, play disruptive scripts, and undermine their plans. But be careful of revealing yourself too early as once you do, the hackers will work around you!

Playing time: 30 minutes

Player count: 3-5






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