134 Todd VanHooser – Laughing Moon Productions

by | Jan 8, 2018 | Interview, Videos

I’m going to be talking with Todd VanHooser of laughing Moon Productions.

Todd is an Arizona-based author with Midwestern roots. In addition to being a writer he has also designed Adventures Under the Laughing Moon—a tabletop role-playing game based on his fantasy series and set in the world of Mythren. This is a world he has been developing for more than twenty years with rich characters, compelling conflicts and a long history with many footprints in the sand. Over the years, this series has expanded to include novels, short stories, comic books, and original character and creature designs showcased at pop culture and comic conventions.

His latest project is a tabletop RPG setting called Wheelhouse. This game offers both new and veteran players a glimpse into the apocalyptic future of the Laughing Moon world and provides a whole new context for storytelling and adventures.






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