169 Pete Rawlik – Strange Company and Others

by | Jun 20, 2019 | Interview

I am happy to have Pete Rawlik back on the show again!

One of the most prolific modern Lovecraftian authors, Peter Rawlik has established a catalog of horrific tales spanning numerous universes, often paying homage to the titans of horror fiction. With over fifty short stories to his name and several novels, Rawlik has amassed an astounding bibliography that is rivaled by few. In his debut collection, readers will find the very best of Rawlik’s massive body of work. From Lovecraftian horror to gothic tales; visions of Herbert West: the Reanimator to Frankenstein, Little Red Riding Hood, and other entirely original horrors, Rawlik’s debut collection is not just one of nightmares, but serves as a reminder to all who dare to explore its pages exactly where the roots of the genre began, and how with the right voice, these horrors can be reimagined and relived again and again. With an introduction by Brian M. Sammons.


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