194 – NecronomiCon 2022 Wrap up

by | Sep 9, 2022 | Round table

August is convention season and every other year the stars align and draw us inexorably to haunted Arkham……. or I mean Providence Rhode Island for NecronomiCon. Sadly 2021 saw the postponement of the convention due to the ongoing pandemic.

Luckily the convention was resurrected this year, greeted by the wild ululations of it’s many eldritch minions. So join us as we tear back the fabric of reality and reveal secrets most foul…….or just talk about how much food we ate and how drunk we all got.

We may even has a very special guest if they can be coaxed from their restless slumber

The Lovecraft Arts & Sciences Council is a nonprofit organization based in Providence, Rhode Island that serves as a networking center for scholars, authors, artists, and fans of the Weird literary world, inspired in part by Providence author H. P. Lovecraft and expanded upon by so many others. We strive to foster a vibrant and diverse global weird fiction and art community, and to provide a home for this community here in Providence. Our headquarters and store are located in the historic Arcade in the heart of downtown Providence.

We organize public educational events, such as our flagship NecronomiCon Providence – a biennial convention that explores the works of Lovecraft and other Weird authors and artists via talks, panel discussions, readings, and workshops. We also present events throughout the year, including lectures, walking tours, art exhibits, film screenings, plays, and concerts to highlight the worldwide weird and showcase Lovecraft’s hometown of Providence – a city that he honored and immortalized in the minds of countless individuals around the world.



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