Cthulhu Invictus – Mad Woman of Rubra Part 2-2

by | Dec 8, 2020 | LoTT Actual Play

Salvius Horatious – Keeper Chad
Iavolenus Tertius (Gladiator) – Bill
Lucius Marius (Centurion) – John
GM – Oscar

The investigators arrive at Pella and head right to the temple, where Hamilcar greets them. While Cyan is prepared for the ritual Lucius, Iavolenus and Salvius get cleaned up and prepare themselves. Hamilcar explains that they will have to assist the ritual by chanting and that the ritual will take many hours. After a few hours of chanting Hamilcar shaves Cyan’s head and begins drilling a hole in her skull.

When he removes the piece of skull everyone can see a dark shape dart away from the light of the lamps and Cyan begins convulsing. As they continue chanting Hamilcar sets up a large vase under the hole and a dark substance begins dripping out of the hole. After about an hour Hamilcar judges that the entity has been drained from Cyan as her body begins relaxing. He caps the vase with a wax seal and says that they should know tomorrow how Cyan will respond.

When questioned about what the substance is Hamilcar explains that he believes it is the blood of a powerful creature and he wants to take it to his senior priests to have them destroy it. Salvius, wily old spy that he is, realizes that Hamilcar is lying. They excuse themselves and leave the temple. While they’re walking outside Iavolenus sees a horse outside the temple being prepared for a journey.

Salvius shares his suspicions and they lie in wait on the road outside of town. Lucius gets trampled and Salvius is felled by a spell leaving the success of the mission up to Iavolenus. Does the party survive? Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion of “Mad Woman of Rubra”


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Theme music created by Brett Miller