5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Session 5-2

by | May 1, 2017 | LoTT Actual Play, SoundCloud MP3s


Kyrixes Goldenflame – John
Spritle Chudforth – Dan
Njorvold Anvilesmite – James
Graavor Corgretor – Burt
Diro Kalamire – Gabe
Sled – Aaron
DM – Vince

Spritle and Graavor search the room underground and the skeleton guardians attack them. Graavor throws Spritle over his shoulder and runs back upstairs hoping the skeletons follow. After waiting a few minutes the skeletons don’t follow so the group decides to head down in force.

While battling the skeletons someone triggers a trap and the room slowly begins to fill with gas. Reacting quickly, Diro uses his Gust of Wind spell to push the gas back away from the party. When the battle is over, Sled moves into the room alone to investigate the runes on the floor and discovers the triggering mechanism for the gas trap. He also notices a corridor that slopes down heading further underground.

Making their way cautiously around the runes the party moves down the newly discovered corridor. As they round the corner a pair of flaming skeletons confronts them and combat begins anew……

Theme music created by Brett Miller http://www.brettmillermusic.net/

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