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127 Vincent H O’Neil (Mp3)

By on November 23, 2017 in Interview, SoundCloud MP3s with 1 Comment

I had a great time talking with author Vincent H. O’Neil. We did have some technical issues but overall it’s pretty solid and I’m looking forward to having Vincent on the show again!

Vincent H. O’Neil brings a wealth of life experience to his writing. Over the years he has served as paratrooper, a consultant, a risk manager, and an apprentice librarian.

A native of Massachusetts, he is a graduate of West Point and The Fletcher School. After writing in his spare time for many years, he won the St. Martin’s Press “Malice Domestic” Writing Competition in 2005.

His award-winning debut novel, Murder in Exile, was the first book in a mystery series featuring the background-checker Frank Cole. It was followed by Reduced Circumstances, Exile Trust, and Contest of Wills.

His mystery novel Death Troupe is the first book in a theater-based mystery series featuring playwright Jack Glynn and the unusual members of the Jerome Barron Players theater troupe.

A long-time fan of horror in both literature and film, in 2013 he published Interlands, a Lovecraftian horror novel set in Providence, Rhode Island. The book features graduate student Angela Morse, who is searching the local woods for a lost stone obelisk once worshiped by a colonial-era cult that perished at its feet. The sequel, Denizens, was released in 2015.

Most recently, HarperCollins published his five-novel military science fiction Sim War series. Written under the name Henry V. O’Neil, those books are Glory Main, Orphan Brigade, Dire Steps, CHOP Line, and Live Echoes.




I did mention the Miskatonic University podcast, so if you’re interested in Cthulhu gaming at all check them out:


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  1. Thanks so much for having me on, John! You manfully fought your way past my technological ignorance and the poor quality of my ancient iPhone to bring this to you. Now THAT was a quest–Frodo and Samwise could learn a lot from you.

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