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Leah Looks at: Hentai Mosaique Fix-IT Shoppe

RELEASE DATE: Jul 29, 2019
DEVELOPER: Lil Hentai Games
PUBLISHER: Lil Hentai Games

Dear Reader: Take a moment to envision my slight confusion and surprise when our friends at Lil’ Hentai Games sent me a review copy of Hentai Mosaique Fix-IT Shoppe.

In this game, you play a phone repair technician.
I find it hilarious that there is a separate disclaimer to inform every potential player that all illustrations of the fictional women portrayed in this game are definitely, most absolutely above the age of 18.

Now that any possible objections have been addressed, the game begins. You are approached by a lovely, upcoming video streaming starlet that has gotten her phone wet at a photo shoot.

It’s an emergency!! Can you fix this for her? She needs those photos. Urgently.

We all know that a need is an adult responsibility, so of course you’re going to help her meet that responsibility, like any reasonable adult would do.

Wait – Your satisfied client lets you know that she has a female friend that may need your services. These female friends sure do have a lot of female friends…

Because that’s the premise of the game. A picture puzzler built around fixing the phones of vidcam and cosplay starlets.

With level-ups and skill trees!! There’s… skills… involved…

It is very easy to lose track of time in this game. I’ll be honest, I originally intended to write a satire piece but I find myself enjoying these puzzles. There is a level of satisfaction obtained from making everything right again. As the stages progress, some puzzle pieces appear that require additional attention, and oh, how the frustration begins to mount. The publisher has supplied an optional mod that removes all of the pesky clothing that adorns these anime vixens.

Having slogged through rough patches with what few bare skin pieces I’ve encountered so far, I will pass on that, as I predict an increase in difficulty and irritation that will arise from its installation.

For those curious, the entire Hentai Mosaique Artsy Trio Bundle can be found HERE (It’s age-gated for a reason)

I would like to extend my thanks to Lil’Hentai Games for alleviating my boredom, and congratulations on the nod from BroTeam, found HERE

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