Call of Cthulhu – Dreaming of the River of Night 1-2

by | Jan 18, 2021 | LoTT Actual Play

Daryyl Julius Rueglethorpe IV (Dilettante) – John (Beta)
Petra Rivers (Entertainer) – Dani
Vincenzo DeCarlo (Crime Boss) – John
GM – Kevin

Our group of unlikely investigators has an uneventful night in the village.  Rising early they continue on in their quest in search of riches.  A little after midday Petra sees a strange creature staring out at her from behind a boulder.  She alerts Vinny and Daryyl but before they can shoot it, the creature begins speaking to them in their heads.

The creature tells them it knows where they are going and it is going the same way.  It refuses to act a guide and says them should come in peace or all of it’s kind will be against them.  The creature says that perhaps they will meet again and vanishes.

The party presses on and finds the gorge following it further in and discovers a river.  Using the canoe, graciously provided by Charlie, our intrepid adventures delve deeper into the mountain but what they find may be more than they bargained for.  Use Code Legends10 to get 10% off your order

Theme music created by Brett Miller