Call of Cthulhu – Self Help (Part 1)

by | Jul 22, 2019 | LoTT Actual Play

Madam Blanca (Fortune Teller) – Dani
Rock Garrett (PI) – Neil
Henry Livingston (Professor) – John
Keeper of Arcane Lore – Kevin

Our three protagonists have each received a telegram from Katherine Webb, wife of Daniel Webb. It seems Daniel has gone missing and Katherine hasn’t seen him in over a week. She explains that Daniel had the feeling that he was being followed or that someone or something was watching him. He was becoming increasingly obsessed with rats and felt that people around town were disappearing.

Katherine also explains that Daniel has a tendency to go away for days at a time but always stays in touch with her to let her know that he was ok and to tell her what he was working on. He has never been gone this long without communicating. His usual hangout, according to Katherine is the Sunflower Hotel. He goes there to work and unwind. Rock of course assumes that Daniel is probably cheating but Katherine assures Rock that she has no concerns about Daniel in that regard.

Katherine leaves the trio in charge of the investigation as she needs to head north to see her sick father and gives them the keys to the house. She says she would rather someone be at the house in case Daniel happens to return of his own accord. With that she leaves and the investigation begins in earnest.

They begin by inspecting Daniel’s study. Professor Livingston finds a drawing pad that shows Daniel’s increasing obsession with rats. The drawings begin harmlessly enough but become more and more disturbing as they flip through the pages. Meanwhile Rock finds a matchbook for the Sunflower Hotel with the name Nick written on the inside cover.

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Theme music created by Brett Miller