Call of Cthulhu – Self Help (Part 2)

by | Jul 29, 2019 | LoTT Actual Play

Madam Blanca (Fortune Teller) – Dani

Rock Garrett (PI) – Neil

Henry Livingston (Professor) – John

Keeper of Arcane Lore – Kevin

At the hotel Rock goes straight for the bar while Madam Blanca and Professor Livingston “mingle”.   Rock knows Nick the bartender and begins asking him about Daniel. Nick begins acting squirrelly and tells Rock to grab his friends and meet in the back so they can talk privately.

Nick spins a yarn about time travel and losing 5 years of his life on some alien world. He said he and Daniel talked about weird occurrences and esoteric problems together because no one else would believe them.   Nick says that Daniel met a woman who ran a salon downtown, by the name of Jennifer Cooksy, who said she could help with their problems. The name of her group is the Survivors of Sacho Helio Blastoma. He said Daniel went to talk with her but Nick refused to go.   Madam Blanca knows Jennifer Cooksy and says she’s a fraud and doesn’t like her.

Nick says the group meets on Mondays and gives Rock the address of the salon. Since the next day is Monday the group decides to head back to the house to rest and decide to investigate the salon on the morrow.

While waiting for the others to finish their nightly rituals Professor Livingston peruses the bookcase in Daniel’s study and finds a copy of the Liber Ivonis (The Book of Ebon), which deals with cults. Henry doesn’t feel like this is a book that Daniel woud have come across on his own and thinks that he may have gotten it from Cooksy. Madam Blanca smudges the house for protection and Rock falls asleep.

While Rock is sleeping he falls into a nightmare where he stumbles into a small clearing in the woods.   There’s a stone altar with someone tied down on it screaming. Above the person is a figure in a cloak. Rock thinks the area looks familiar and might be up around the Dulles area.

In the morning Henry tells Madam Blanca and Rock about the book. Rock doesn’t tell them about his dream but instead heads out to the salon.   Henry and Madam Blanca head off to the library. Use Code Legends10 to get 10% off your order

Theme music created by Brett Miller