Call of Cthulhu To Out Away Childish Things – Part 6

by | Feb 10, 2022 | LoTT Actual Play, Videos

Lisa – Mildred Danforth
Regina – Vivian Pemberton
Jesse – Georgie Prince
John H – Henry Stanton
Oscar – Keeper

Session 5 wrap up

After having almost drown during the ferry crossing, the investigators spend a cold (and naked) night huddled together in a fisherman’s shack. In the morning still damp and very tired they find a farmhouse and are taken in at a farmhouse and given a hot meal and dry clothes.

Not wanting to overstay their welcome, they head off to the only hotel on the island which is currently doing duty as a boarding house. Without money to pay and with promise of an IOU, the caretaker lets the investigators stay until Friday.

In the morning they decide to head out the hospital to see what they can find. The hospital is in disrepair and being slowly overtaken by the island. Upon approaching the grounds, an unkindness of ravens attacks savaging the party. When they finally get inside and begin investigation they are attacked again. This time by the skeletons of children who died at the polio hospital.

Millie takes the worst of it and is in a really bad way but they are able to escape up the stairs to the second floor. The ravens, under the influence of Lynnette, leave a message for the party written with bits and bobs on the floor, “Are we having fun yet?”

Pushing on the find Melvin half starved and drunk and waving a pistol. He keeps saying this can’t be real.

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