Call of Cthulhu – To Put Away Childish Things (Part 4)

by | Aug 15, 2022 | LoTT Actual Play

Mildred Danforth – Lisa
Vivian Pemberton – Regina
Georgie Prince – Jesse
Harry Stanton – John H
Keeper – Oscar Rios

The crew takes the train to Boston but along the way they’re visited by Lynnette in a strange liminal dream space. She warms them away and says that she is the High Lady of Johanaslin and she was coming to take her master home.

After arriving in Boston they grab breakfast and regroup before heading on to Kingsport. Mildred has a contact who runs a boarding house so the group sets up there. Vivian has an encounter with a large cat who tells here that the city is under siege and that the gateways are closed.

The rest of the day is spent investigating the eerie, rainy streets of Kingsport.

Golden Goblin Press and the ENnies!


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Theme music created by Brett Miller