Craft time (stalagmites)

by | Apr 14, 2015 | Crafting

As gamers we’re always on the look out for something we can use to spice up our games.  Whether it’s twigs and rocks collected from outside or fancy new maps from the FLGS, we want to engage the players and give them the ooo’s and ahhh’s when they sit down to play.

Inspiration struck me the other morning while making breakfast.  I had just finished cracking and mixing a few eggs and was getting ready to clean up while the eggs settled when it hit me.  It hit me like a fly ball, while drinking a beer and staring at the really cute blonde two rows down, minus the spilled beer and concussion.

The inside of the egg carton looked like stalagmites.  There it was, my brain dropped the mic and walked away.

I took the remainder of the eggs out of the carton and placed them in a bowl in the fridge and quickly made my eggs.  After wolfing down my breakfast I set about my task.  I began by cutting the carton apart separating my stalagmites to be.


Alright I didn’t have a pictures of them all cut apart but you guys can figure it out.  Our PSA for the day: Don’t run with your scissors or x-acto knife or whatever.

After that I painted them black with an acrylic craft paint and let them dry.  Then I dry brushed them with grey acrylic paint and voila they were done.

101_5300 101_5302

Cheap and easy just how I like it.  If you wanted to round everything out, you could stuff some paper inside to fill up the gaps in the base and paint that too.  This way works for me because you can stack them for easy storage.  Here’s a pic of them in play.