Cthulhu Invictus – The Harvest Moon Hunt 1-2

by | Mar 15, 2021 | LoTT Actual Play

Doreena Hermula (mysterious huntress) – Regina

Malachi ben Zakai (reliable bodyguard) – Niels

Herminius Rusticus (cunning finder) – Jesse

Macrion (the scholar) – John

Keeper – Oscar Rios

Representatives from seven other families come to Peitar’s farm to discuss what’s happening in the village. The villagers are used to dealing with wolves and the occasional bear but these attacks are different.   Some of the sheep were taken while someone was watching and one of the guard dogs was savagely eviscerated and it looks like the creature that did it made sure the dog suffered. There were also strange tracks that no one could identify.

Malachi and Doreena are taken out to the site of the last attack. Doreena easily finds the tracks and determines that they look similar to the tracks a tiger might make, having seen them in a menagerie in Londinium.   What tigers don’t have however is six legs and with that revelation they quickly make their way back to the farmhouse as night falls.

Herminius and Macrion stay at the farm talking to the families. They find out that the attacks are only happening at night and the farms closer to the woods have been targeted thus far. A half dozen sheep have been taken in each attack and the villagers are afraid if their financial stability. Macrion offends a few of the villagers when suggesting that the proper offerings haven’t been made. Herminius on the other hand learns a bit of gossip about a young girl finding a strange, heavy gold coin near the woods.


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