Cypher System Campaign Session 0

by | Apr 6, 2017 | LoTT Actual Play, Videos

Jesse, GM of the Dragon Fisters, is going to be running a Cypher System campaign for the Legends of Tabletop podcast! Join us tonight for Session 0

A world finally settling in, after darkness reigned. Magic had been torn from the world hundreds of years before, but the scales had finally found their balance over time. Slowly, technology began to replace the magic the people had so long ago lost and raised up the capabilities of the common man once again. And then destruction.

When the world was remade, the people of these new lands found that the arcane energies had been reinfused with the realm and they needed to find what place it still held for them. There were no longer the items or techniques of the past that were able to harness this energy, though it was smart – though not necessarily wise – people who found ways to focus the arcane through technology, creating items and weapons of new and immense power. Arcane Mechaniks and Technomages grew in popularity and skill, finding new and unique ways to recreate spells and rituals found in ancient texts. These forgotten tomes, long put into storage with their use depleted, now had new and significant meaning.

As many times before, power breeds greed and greed breeds war. Those with lesser capabilities coveted those with the most resources. And meanwhile, those who held the most potential feared losing it to those developing their arsenals. Lines were drawn, enemies made, treaties signed, and treason committed. Death crossed regions and continents, spreading to nearly every corner of the world. After decades of constant fighting, one man (his name now long lost to time) invented an incredibly powerful item. This weapon – many centuries later now only referred to as the “Destroyer of Worlds” – was used with the exact limits of its capabilities unknown. The scars of its destruction can still be recognized today.

It has been a twisted and bleak road in the last few hundred years, and the world has seen some dark and chaotic times. Many years were spent with vast wastelands lacking any signs of life, save for the occasional traveler attempting to find their way to a better existence (most of the time a fruitless search). People gathered and formed small conclaves, eventually settling down to form havens and towns. Word spread, and more people flocked to these places of safety, eventually growing the populations of these areas. Things began to feel civilized once more. Several generations have put their lives on the line to ensure the safety and future of their children, and thus far civilization and progressed and prospered.

Magic is still prevalent and welcomed in most lands, though it is far more rare than in the past and some still look cautiously upon its use. Some technologies from the old times can be found, though if still functional it rarely works to its full potential and often needs the hand of one trained in the arcane to perform even the most menial task. Given time, technology was welcomed once again into the world, though far more respect and trust is placed in magic. Therefore most technology works hand-in-hand with the arcane, rarely (if ever) being developed without the need of some key magical property. Even though the majority of people have accepted technology back into the world, there are still some who hold to the old ways (creating a sense of honor and purity in magic that has little to no historical fact) and instead reject technology, instead blaming it for the downfalls in the past. Some of the newer generations though rely on technology, and are unable – or unwilling – to separate it from the pure arcane magics still in use.

And as far as the Gods of the past are concerned, many believe they have either died off or simply given up hope on this world. Others still worship the Gods of old in the hopes that they’ll return to them and give salvation and rescue. Most of these people (on either side) keep to themselves and leave their beliefs at their hearths and in their living rooms. There does grow a new wave of people who have taken their dependency on technology to another level, increasing their reverence to idolatry and deification.

Most regions have come to accept both magic and technology, and in fact often accept them as a single entity where one cannot completely perform properly without the other. Even with complete recognition of the utility and usefulness of these items, most societies have strict limitations or outright prohibitions of certain items and uses of both magic and technology. Small groups and areas have forbid the use of these terrifying and malicious weapons, fearing a return to the old days and a repeat of the past. The lands now are dotted with towns and cities; some accepting, others fearful, most forgiving, a few vengeful. The history of chaos and strife still persists in the wilds between civilization however, and dangers still lurk in the darkest of places. Those who stay within the confines of society live long and prosperous lives, while those who venture out beyond the bounds of order see the world in all of its magnificent enmity.