Day Trippers Session 1-3 (Dream Job)

by | Apr 3, 2017 | LoTT Actual Play, SoundCloud MP3s

As Ben bursts through the door he notices that the sky darkens and seems to almost recoil from his presence. Nash wrestles with his feelings of inadequacy but is able to pull himself back from the brink. With a new found sense of purpose Nash and Ben head back into the Admin building to go and get Chip. While they’re running in a virtual army of flowers moves to surround the building.

Meanwhile Chip is desperately trying to find a place to plug in the thumb drive. On a lark he asks out loud if there’s anyone around to help. Surprisingly or not, one of the square, hairy guys pops up and shows Chip to a workstation. Of course Chip doesn’t really know what he’s looking for……

Ben and Nash burst into the server room and Nash shoots at the hairy guy who moves to block the door. A wild melee ensues and the server room catches on fire. Chip waits painfully for the data to download on to the thumb drive and he begins to smell smoke.

With two of the creatures down and the data downloaded the team makes a break for it. Chip looses his phone and has to go back for it just as Ben and Nash make it outside. Now all of the flowers have Suzie’s face. Nash is torn but is able to keep his shit together. Just then Chip bursts through the door. With Ben on one side and Nash on the other, they use the jump jets in their suits to jump over the flowers.

Ben calls to Tyro for an evac but before the ship gets there a giant baby begins to lumber towards them. Nash sees that the baby has his eyes and Suzie’s lips and he looses it……again.

The flowers sway and chant, “Don’t leave us.” as Nash fights against Ben to stay. While they’re fighting Chip runs up into the ship. Ben and Nash continue to struggle on the ramp as Tyro closes the door. As the ship begins to ascend they are thrown around and bashed against the bulkhead. This finally snaps Nash out of it and they get strapped in to make the jump.

Ben successfully programs the jump back to Earth Prime. Lithium is waiting for them and as they exit the ship Nash knocks him out and walks away. Ben has Tyro make a copy of the thumb drive.

The next day they meet Lithium at the King Cobra and hand over the drive. Lithium in turn gives them a gift from their employer of 3 dream decks so that if they wanted to they could dream the mission all over again.

Jack Nash – John
Benjamin T. Fitch – Vince
Charles (Chip) Parsons – Jesse
GM- Tod Foley

Theme music created by Brett Miller