DayTrippers Session 1-1 (Dream Job)

by | Mar 20, 2017 | LoTT Actual Play, SoundCloud MP3s

Jack Nash – John

Benjamin T. Fitch – Vince

Charles (Chip) Parsons – Jesse

Our story begins at a seedy bar called King Cobras. Friends and brothers at arms Benjamin T Fitch and Jack Nash are at their usual table. Tonight however, they are joined by Charles “Chip” Parsons, former child actor who is shadowing Ben in preparation for a new movie role. As Ben holds court, regaling Chip with tales of daring do, Nash stares pensively into the middle distance lost in thought.

Right at the penultimate moment of one of Ben’s stories his phone rings. Taking a quick look he sees it’s the pair’s fixer Lithium and takes the call. Lithium, it seems, has found the perfect job for Ben and Nash. Inguy Cordoba, CEO of Somnambula Inc and creator of the Dream Deck dream recorder is looking for a slip crew to take on a mission to a dream world.

Cordoba is looking to move quickly so he has provided a ship and pay upfront. The job is to download the contents of a mainframe contained at a small compound in this particular dream world. Nash expresses a little concern but perpetually short on cash they agree to take the job. With Chip in tow the party sets out to Diaspora Ranch to check out the ship named Tiny Tyrant.

While Ben gives the Tiny Tyrant the once over, Chip notices a large, white slip ship that seems to have just returned from a run. As he watches the ship the ramp lowers and out saunters Silla Sardasian and her retinue surrounded by tiny hover cams. Never one to miss an opportunity Chip makes a beeline for Silla to try and get his foot in the door.

Quite the smooth talker Chip returns to the Tiny Tyrant flush with his perceived success.   Completely nonplussed by the situation Nash grunts monosyllabically before asking Ben if the ship checks out.   Ben gives his stamp of approval and they enter the ship to begin pre-slip preparation.

The ships onboard computer, Tyro, seems to have a clipped military bearing, which puts Nash somewhat at ease. With ruthless efficiency Tyro clears each system for launch as the crew straps in. When the countdown hits zero the Tiny Tyrant slips through time/space winking out of existence on home Earth. Next stop the Dream World.

Theme music created by Brett Miller