DayTrippers (Season 4 Episode 7-1) Goodbye Stranger

by | Sep 4, 2023 | LoTT Actual Play

Ulla Vangelis – Leslie
Reggie Carlisle – John (Beta)
Trae Mowaka- Jesse
Jack Nash – John (Prime)
GM- Tod Foley

In the morning, Nash and Ulla discuss what they should do with the children. Trae sleeps late and seems distant, as he’s still processing what happened between him and Ulla the night before. The kids are a handful; Noah sometimes picks on Max and Whisper’s powers are growing; she uses her mind to coax a rat out of hiding, and in her newfound confidence she steps off the roof of the RV and slows her fall just before hitting the ground. Praised by Reggie, she repeats the feat, to everyone’s amusement. It becomes clearer than ever that they can'[t take this child to the city; she’d become a medical experiment.

And so they set off to complete their westward journey to the power plant, just half a day away. Ulla keeps the kids busy playing “the finding game” along the way. They’re hoping Kek will take the children in, but there’s no telling for sure, and in any case, Whisper needs to learn some restraint.

Later in the day Nash gets that queasy feeling and Reggie senses it too — they know there’s a Reality Fracture coming in. Nash yells “Flux Storm!” as he directs everyone to dive for safety. This is odd because at the same time, Reggie is realizing there’s a direct similarity between this feeling and the feeling of being knocked into the Multiversal Chao in a SlipShip. The sensations are practically identical.

As they dodge aside from the opening vortex, Ulla realizes the experience itself is practically identical to the first time: the same hallway can be seen, the same canister, and in her photographic memory she can recall that it’s even *turned the exact same direction it was* the first time. She directs Whisper to try and make the thing go away. Whisper tries to close the vortex with her mind, but she can’t do it, and develops a serious nosebleed. Reggie lucid-dreams the vortex back to oblivion, leaving the canister behind. If this plays out like last time they have just a few seconds before it opens up.

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