DayTrippers Season 4 Episode 9-2 Gotta Get In To Get Out

by | Dec 5, 2023 | LoTT Actual Play

Ulla Vangelis – Leslie
Reggie Carlisle – John (Beta)
Trae Mowaka- Jesse
Jack Nash – John (Prime)
GM- Tod Foley

In the morning they’re awakened by an alert from Trae’s drone: there are vehicles coming up the road in this direction. It’s a traveling scavenger/trader who calls himself “Trueblood,” and his two motorcycle-riding companions. They’re decked out in tribal regalia, and they’re eager to trade. Trae and Ulla cough up the torch and fuel they’d taken from Kek’s clan, and Nash decides to throw in the Viber 5 tent. In exchange they pick up two machine pistols, a blade for Nash, a stun baton, and some clothes for Reggie. Before he leaves, Trueblood warns them to be on the lookout for drones; there’s a salvage operation later today.

The group moves on, and eight hours later they arrive within view of the south end of the city. There’s an immigration intake office beside the train tunnel, but given the weaponry they’re carrying, they decide to take the surreptitious route. Reggie dreams up some stairs, and they climb up to the top of the train tube, then lower themselves down inside.

Trey hacks into CitySystem, transfers over to the Transportation module, and sends an emergency alert signal emulating an incoming train. When the gigantic doors slide open, they rush inside and hurry up the dark tunnel into the city.

Coming upon a maintenance platform just south of a passenger terminal, they break into a service hallway and come out the other side, to find themselves in the amenities hall of Hadid Station. It’s quiet. To the north is the boarding platform, where several people are standing around. To the east is a set of stairs leading up to street level. Reggie liquifies the glass fronts of some vending machines so everyone can help themselves to some snacks, and heads into the bathroom.

Sitting in the stall with his new pants down around his ankles, Reggie notices something warm touching his leg. It’s the crystal, which has taken on a dull grey glow like the color of Frank’s eyes, and is getting inexplicably warm. Reggie pulls it out and gazes into it, opening his mind. It’s a signal coming directly from Frank.

“I’ve had another dream about you,” Frank says. “I know you’re important and I don’t know why… but they’re watching you.” An image appears in the crystal: it’s a memorial marker outside the gates of Diaspora Ranch, engraved with the name Reginald Aloysius Carlysle. On either side are markers for Jack Nash and Steve-o Tarr.

Franks asks “Is this you?”
“Yes and no,” Reggie answers.

The image is already fading, but before losing connection, Frank says again: “Don’t come here. They’re after all us Dreamers.”

Reggie goes back and tells the group what just happened. Nash asks who exactly is coming after the Dreamers. That’s when Trae reveals everything he learned in the previous night’s research: In this reality, Jack Nash is a drunkard with a string of public disturbance and assault records, Reggie Carlysle died of a Comanapricil overdose, and the CEO of Wolfram is a man named Yngwe Cordoba.

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