DayTrippers (Season 4 Session 6-1) Is That You

by | Jul 17, 2023

Ulla Vangelis – Leslie
Reggie Carlisle – John (Beta)
Trae Mowaka- Jesse
Jack Nash – John (Prime)
GM- Tod Foley

The group heads out with Ulla taking charge of teaching the children hunting, waterfinding, and survival techniques. After a day they reach her bug-out spot, and decide to take rest there for the night while they discuss their options. Ulla knows that taking them to Union City will raise all sorts of eyebrows and their fate would be uncertain, even though the UBI would ensure they would not starve. Trae points out that the group is much slower and easier to track if the kids stay with them (a point which Ulla and Nash are quick to stifle). Chiyan wants to go to Union City, while Dain would prefer to stay with the group. Whisper, who has been practicing telepathy and imitating everything Reggie does, sends a psychic message to him: “I want to stay with you too.”

Eventually they hit on the idea of relocating Ulla’s clan, to see if they might provide a home for the kids. Ulla decides it’s likely they’ve moved westward, further from the city, toward the geothermal power plant Dril and Montago were always talking about. They tuck the kids into the megatent in the back of the vehicle.

While on first watch, Nash hears someone out in the bushes. It’s NightOwl, the old woman who served them soup back in Tunnel City. She beats around the bush a little before asking if they’d be willing to let her join them. “I can cook,” she says, “and I know these kids.” Nash agrees that would be helpful indeed. “Good good good,” NightOwl says, and hands him a dirty plastic container full of roasted lizards. “The kids love those,” she says.

Nash takes the food and welcomes her. “We’ll be heading west for a couple days,” he says, “You’re welcome to come along.” NightOwl is surprised by this. “I thought you was goin to the city!” she says. Nash explains that they know another group that might take the kids in. NightOwl’s mood seems to shift; suddenly she becomes very suspicious. She asks who the group is, and when Nash can’t provide specific names, she decides she won’t be joining up after all. “Enjoy them lizards,” she says as she backs away, “you can keep the tupp!”

Nash wakes Trae up for his watch and tells him what happened. Trae suggests setting up a perimeter defense using his drone and killbot. Nash agrees and goes to sleep.

Several hours later, Trae is on watch when he notices a small silent drone hovering just above the trees; watching him. When he sends his own drone up to try pinging it, it refuses access but returns a visual image: a single violet blade. The “Violet Blades” was the name of Trae’s klatch at CRABB; their logo was six such blades in an intersecting pattern.

Trae turns and bangs on the RV loud enough to wake everyone inside. “Mister Nash,” he says, “we are in danger. There is a Strike Team in the area.”

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