DayTrippers Session 1-2 (Dream Job)

by | Mar 27, 2017 | LoTT Actual Play, SoundCloud MP3s

When reality reasserts itself Jack, Ben and Chip find themselves in what appears to be a football field. Making a quick assessment they decide to do a low flyby perimeter check. An environmental scan shows an earthlike atmosphere and movement is noted in some of the buildings. As they pass by a garden area Chip swears that he sees the flowers get up and walk into new rows. Completing the circuit they begin to garner more attention from the locals so they land the Tiny Tyrant off campus in the woods.

As the ship lands all of the flowers and trees visibly turn to “look” at it. Jack and Ben are in their environmental suits but Chip notes that the air smells like Lady Ego perfume. Ben takes a sample of the dirt and runs a spectroanalysis on it. While waiting for the results the ground “heals” itself.

Moving in towards the campus Ben and Chip are challenged by what can only be described as rectangle people. Jack stays hidden on overwatch.   Chip pretends to be a student and the rectangle people send them to the admin building to register but not before threatening Ben who copped a flippant attitude.

Ben and Chip head inside the admin building while Jack waits outside to keep watch. They ring the bell and two hairy rectangle men pop up spewing all sort of technical jargon while thrusting forms at them. As soon as they sign the forms the room instantly changes into a maze of hallways and Chip has a bit of a breakdown. Ben slaps him bringing him out of his reverie.

Jack is hearing all of the confusion through his com and he starts to dissociate and have flashbacks when he hears a voice say “You’ll be fine.” Confused, he looks down to see a small flower with a woman’s face standing on its roots. It’s at this point the party looses Jack.

Unable to raise Jack on the com, Ben gets Chip moving to go and look for the mainframe while he goes to check on Jack.

Jack Nash – John

Benjamin T. Fitch – Vince

Charles (Chip) Parsons – Jesse

GM – Tod Foley

Theme music created by Brett Miller

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