DayTrippers Session 18-1 (The Misty Planet Part 3)

by | Feb 10, 2020 | LoTT Actual Play

Jack Nash – John (Prime)

Reggie Carlisle – John (Beta)

GM- Tod Foley

As Nash and Reggie ponder the ramifications of finding the bodies of the crew, a flock of mimic birds begin circling above. Nash thinks they look more inquisitive rather than predatory. Then the flock shouts, “Now I’ve got you!” and takes off flying north. Reggie and Nash take off after them hoping they might lead them to Dr. Mentaca.

After flowing the flock for about a half an hour they find themselves in another clearing and sitting there is Beta, Mentaca’s dog. Reggie calls to the dog and it comes bounding over jumping into Reggie’s arms.   While Reggie is petting Beta, it dawns on the pair that the dog isn’t in a suit and then Nash notices a blue tentacle snaking out of it’s back.

The dog then begins pointing and barking at Reggie and two blue figures emerge into the clearing.   As Reggie and Nash watch the figures approach they realize that they are looking at copies of themselves. They begin firing and the figures slip away. Use Code Legends10 to get 10% off your order

Theme music created by Brett Miller