Daytrippers Session 2-1 (The Dreamdeck Conspiracy)

by | Jul 24, 2017 | LoTT Actual Play, SoundCloud MP3s

Jack Nash – John

Benjamin T. Fitch – Vince

Charles (Chip) Parsons – Jesse

GM- Tod Foley

Since the last mission Nash was in a haze, ultimately coming to the edge of suicide. As he returns from the brink and starts to pick up the pieces he notices that Suzie, normally very bright and perky, isn’t her normal self.   He meets with Fitch to talk things over. They decide to head over to their ship, the Tiny Tyrant, and see if Tyro, the ships computer, can interpret the data they stole from the dream world.

Chip has been nowhere to be found. After his run in with Silia Sardacian he’s resurrected his television career.

Tyro suggests just wearing a Dream deck and watching the data that was collected, which turns out was just dreams that had been recorded. Fitch runs home to grab the Dream deck that he was given and comes back to the ship. Nash is unwilling to wear the device so Fitch agrees to check it out. The data that was stolen was Suzie’s dreams and to make things worse Fitch sees themselves in one of the dreams as they were on the mission. There is a great sense of loss or heartbreak in her dreams.

Nash thinks that maybe Dr. Inguay Cordoba is targeting Suzie since he provided the coordinates for their last mission and it was her dreams that were “stolen”. As they head back to town Nash and Fitch do some research into Dr. Martez and Dr. Cordoba. Cordoba’s company Somnambula Inc has recently created a deep learning AI that they are using to search dream data. Data being provided by tens of thousands of Dream decks.   They didn’t turn up anything on Dr. Martez or Suzie.

Fitch calls Lithium to set up a meet, hoping to get some new information. They meet at the King Cobra and after a tense moment Lithium sends Nash the bill for his reconstructive surgery. With that business settled they turn their attention to Cordoba.

Lithium informs them that there have been a series of shots at different dream worlds all from the same client. Presumably Cordoba. The Dream decks are sensors collecting massive amounts of data and the AI is searching for patterns. It seems they found a match in Suzie. All of this has something to do with Slip Space and as all of this is processing, Nash realizes that his group is responsible for Suzie’s feelings of loss in her dreams as they “broke in and stole her heart”.

Lithium takes his leave and Nash and Fitch leave to go to Suzie’s place. Use Code Legends10 to get 10% off your order!   Use code legendsoftabletop for access and consider leaving us a review

Theme music created by Brett Miller