Daytrippers Session 2-2 (The Dreamdeck Conspiracy)

by | Jul 31, 2017 | LoTT Actual Play, SoundCloud MP3s

Jack Nash – John
Benjamin T. Fitch – Vince
Charles (Chip) Parsons – Jesse
GM- Tod Foley

There’s no answer at Suzie’s when Nash rings the bell so Fitch decides to just walk in. Suzie is sitting on the couch and looks wasted. When she sees them she asks who they are and where she is. After a few minutes she snaps back to reality telling Nash she has a paper due but slowly fades out again.

While she’s out Nash grabs the DreamDeck, which doesn’t have any immediate effects. Nash and Fitch decide to take her up to school and see what they might be able to suss out. All of the students in Suzie’s psyche class appear to be normal, confirming Lithium’s pronouncement that Suzie was a match. Suzie remains out if it so Nash sets up a meeting with Dr. Martez for after class and they run Suzie back home.

During their meeting with Dr. Martez, she lectures them on psychology and tells them that the DreamDecks are just sensors recording dream data and are entirely safe. All the data is encrypted and sent back to Somnambula Inc. Fitch is less then helpful during the conversation.

Nash decides to wear the DreamDeck so they head back to his house. Fitch ties him down, just in case and Nash falls asleep. After one full sleep cycle Fitch wakes him up and Nash watches the dream. It’s as mundane as could be. Before Fitch can untie Nash, he gets a message on his PDA from Lithium to get out of Nash’s house.

Instead of leaving or untying Nash……Fitch grabs Nash’s pistol just as the front door is being kicked in. All hell breaks loose as a firefight erupts is Nash’s bedroom. After a quick exchange of fire the intruders, private, professional security, are dead and Nash is knocked out. Fitch is able to wake Nash and they notice a van running outside. They bundle up the bodies and dump them in the van. They see on the vehicles nav-sat that the van left from a rental lot about an hour ago and made a long stop at a parking garage close by. There is also a message on board from a Sacramento number that says to grab Nash.

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Theme music created by Brett Miller