DayTrippers Session 30-1 Goodbye, Nice to Know You

by | Jul 19, 2021 | LoTT Actual Play

Jack Nash – John (Prime)
Reggie Carlisle – John (Beta)
Decklan Laela – Jesse
GM- Tod Foley

Leaving Reggie’s place, Deck heads home and uploads all his data to the klatch. He then scours the net until he finds a Somnambula employee he can piggyback on to get inside the building’s cyber systems, and drifts off to sleep. Nash and Cori Jayne hang out after the awards show, and end up having sex under the table in a coffee shop downtown.

Next morning, Deck wakes up to find he has been locked out of his klatch, and all accounts under the name
“Decklan Leila” no longer exists. He has no way to contact his klatchmates, and realizes he’s been cut loose. His cover is blown. Deck is dead. Trae has no idea what to do.

Reggie has a dream about driving through a redwood forest, and a conversation with an animated character on the pizza box, before deciding he has to go see Deck. His plan is to try and stop him from raiding Somnambula – or barring that, to help him. He drives out to the Little Maldives, where he hears a car commercial that mentions “gliding through the redwoods.” When he activates the visual, he sees that it looks just like his dream. Reggie tries to gain control of reality, causing himself to lose consciousness.

Trae comes out to find Reggie passed out in the car, and wakes him up. He explains what has happened to him, and gets in. While leaving the Maldives someone shoots out their rear tire, nearly forcing them to tumble off the embankment. A black luxury van speeds away in the opposite direction, and Trae gets a pic of its license plate via drone before it’s gone. Use Code Legends10 to get 10% off your order

Theme music created by Brett Miller