DayTrippers Session 35-1 The Frank

by | Jan 31, 2022 | LoTT Actual Play

Jack Nash – John (Prime)
Reggie Carlisle – John (Beta)
Trae Mowaka- Jesse
GM- Tod Foley

The team sits in their motel room and discusses what to do. Reggie starts jonesing for another comanapricil. He starts hallucinating while talking about the SingulaReggie, and suddenly he’s caught in the goo again. The loud PING is heard by all, and the light in the room dims noticeably. Checking the net, Trae verifies they’re not in normal reality. Nash tries touching Reggie and his hand passes into Reggie’s skin, like a hologram.

A minute later it ends and Chip calls, terrified: he noticed it too! Reggie decides to call Cordoba himself. Their conversation is full of cross-talk, but Cordoba says there is no other Reggie, and he implores Reggie to stop doing “whatever you’re doing.” He says the very existence of our world may depend on it: reality is coming undone. “I can’t keep him sedated forever,” he says. Use Code Legends10 to get 10% off your order

Theme music created by Brett Miller