DayTrippers Session 35-2 The Frank

by | Feb 7, 2022 | LoTT Actual Play

Jack Nash – John (Prime)
Reggie Carlisle – John (Beta)
Trae Mowaka- Jesse
GM- Tod Foley

Cordoba agrees to call off the contracts and meet with a member of the team, but says Reggie must not come to Somnambula. Cordoba is worried what might happen if he gets too close.

Nash calls Scilla, who breaks off from a meeting and unloads a bunch of stress on Nash before finally saying she’s not sure she can go on like this, and they “need to talk” when she gets back and he has the time. She hangs up.

Trae hacks into the municipal police system and digs up some past traffic records on Reggie. This supports the idea that they are indeed back in their original reality. Oddly, he finds several other people also appearing under that name and PID. Flashback: Reggie dug out his PIDkit and left it in the therabot back in 2118.

They make a plan: Jack will go meet with Cordoba, and Trae will hack into Somnambula (as Callista Kinnear) while staying in touch. Reggie will lay low, feeding the birds in David Foster Wallace Park.

Cordoba and Nash meet at Java Gastro, and Cordoba tells Nash about Frank Frass, the slipspace pilot who Reggie has been interacting with unknowingly. Two years ago, in search of a way to send people physically into each other’s dream worlds, Cordoba invented a nanotech version of Diaspora’s Temporal Resistance Amplifier, a blue gel which served as a sort of “liquid slipship.” Frank was a volunteer. After several successful missions into Suzie Garp’s Dream World, Cordoba tried sending him into *his own*, inadvertently causing a feedback loop that resulted in eleven duplicate “copies” of the test pilot.

Cordoba soon realized that Frass had the ability to foretell and affect reality in his dreams; this made him immensely valuable as a source of market information. Cordoba kept the Franks sedated and performed more experiments, eventually coming to a theory: we live in a Dream World collectively brought into existence by an unknown number of “Dreamers.” Frank was one of them (Reggie is another), and now he was more powerful than all the rest. “The Frank” — as Cordoba calls it now — is a collective unconscious intelligence, a powerful Dreamer with eleven minds.

Shortly thereafter, Reggie has another episode. Despite being many miles apart, all of them hear the PING from above, and they look up just in time to see the sky shatter like a plate of glass. Use Code Legends10 to get 10% off your order

Theme music created by Brett Miller