DayTrippers Session 37-2 You Are Not Home

by | Oct 10, 2022 | LoTT Actual Play

Reggie Carlisle – John (Beta)
Trae Mowaka- Jesse

Frank Frass – Niko Carcosa
Jack Nash – John (Prime)
GM- Tod Foley

Inside, Frank wakes up (PING!) and senses a technician checking on him. He is facing the wrong direction. The technician rushes to get Dr Cordoba, who grabs a couple security guards and begins heading toward the room. Before they can get in, Frank climbs out of the tank and begins pulling skullcaps off all his clones. The guards draw their weapons. In the ensuing combat, the Franks throw themselves upon their assailants, seize their weapons, and take Dr Cordoba hostage. Two Franks are killed and one is wounded as they make their escape, joining the rest of the group outside. Trae calls for a van at their location and exchanges fire with the guards, killing one of them and taking a bullet in the shoulder. Nash tells Cordoba to call off the guards. “Fuck you!” the doctor says. Nash snaps Cordoba’s arm and knocks him out. More shots are fired.

When the van arrives they pile into it, taking Cordoba with them. Reggie throws out lucid dreams to stop security from following them: one vehicle’s engine explodes, and another is impaled on giant spikes that rise out of the ground.

Back on the main highway, they notice people bursting into flames in the cars around them, and giant cotton-candy clouds begin bursting into flames and falling to the ground. Reggie realizes that his lucid dreaming is getting easier and easier: Trae concludes that this reality has suffered a “fatal error” — it may collapse at any time. “We need a ship,” says Frank.

Nash has a moment of crisis as he tries to decide whether or not to kill Cordoba. This is the man responsible for everything – the loss of Suzie, the loss of Fitch, and multiple murder attempts on his own life and those of his friends… But Reggie stays his hand. “This isn’t you,” he says, “you don’t want to carry that weight.” Nash’s hand trembles, gun pointed at Cordoba’s head. Suddenly Trae solves the problem by grabbing Cordoba and tossing him out of the vehicle, where his unconscious body gets run over by another vehicle, then crushed beneath a burning cloud.

The van, now carrying Nash, Reggie, Trae, Frank and eight Frank clones, speeds away for
Diaspora Ranch as burning clouds of cotton candy hurtle from the sky.


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Theme music created by Brett Miller