DayTrippers Session 4-1 (Into the Red)

by | Dec 18, 2017 | LoTT Actual Play, SoundCloud MP3s

Jack Nash – John

Charles (Chip) Parsons – Jesse

Reggie Carlisle – John (Beta)

GM- Tod Foley


When they arrive at Diaspora Ranch Bento Hajir is waiting. He quickly ushers them into a room and explains the situation. Scientist Benjamin Marlow had been working on a new slip technology, a personal RA Field generator known as a slip belt. His daughter Joan used the belt to jump to a Dream World named Areth.   The return plate fired off the automated return sequence for the belt but what returned was not Joan. In her place was an oversized rat skeleton wearing the belt, encased in a red crystalline egg. Also in the egg was a scrap of cloth and written in blood was a note from Joan stating she was being held prisoner in the cave of blue flame.   She has less than 6 hours or she will miss her window and cease to exist.

The extra dimensional cruiser Marduk has been prepped and made ready to go. Reggie interfaces with the ships computer, Tiamat, and easily makes the jump.   Areth is a sandy red planet. The atmosphere is earth-like but hot with low visibility. A quick investigation of the landing site doesn’t reveal any traces of Joan or which way she may have gone.   Reggie decides to take the Marduk up to try and find a path in the landscape and sees a trail leading off from the landing site.

Setting out on foot they are greeted by a faint tinkling sound on the wind. Unable to discover the source they continue on through the strange landscape. As they arrive at the edge of the thicket they’ve been in Reggie sees two flying creatures swoop down and grab something.   Nash and Chip see a large pit in the clearing past the tree line with what looks like a half of a bridge across it.

They wait for the flying creatures to pass and then head over to the pit. The area around it looks like it’s been worn down by the passage of many rat-like feet.   The pit is about 30ft deep and the inside is quite irregular. All of a sudden Chip shoots into the pit and the tinkling sound they heard earlier begins emanating from the pit. The sound has also drawn the attention of the octobats who were still flying in the area. One of them swoops down narrowly missing Chip and is killed by Reggie and Nash.

Moving forward again the tinkling sound gets louder followed by a twang, as something is ejected from the pit, landing ahead of the group. Upon investigation it looks like the crystalline egg the rat skeleton came back in but this one contains Chip’s spent round. As they’re trying to puzzle this out Reggie sees that Chip is coming down again and doses him with more Zoom Zoom. Just then they are attacked by a dozen or so rat-men who knock down Chip and begin to drag him away. Reggie and Nash lose sight of him as they are dealing with the remaining rat-men.

They are able to follow the trail of broken brush and find a bolthole that leads into a tunnel.     Heading into the tunnel Reggie and Nash can here the sound of many rat creatures below. Scooting to the end of the tunnel Nash can see that the tunnel opens up into a large cavern lit by blue flames. Down below Chip is being led before an even larger rat-man sitting on a throne surrounded by guards and in the center is a large pit. Use Code Legends10 to get 10% off your order

Theme music created by Brett Miller