DayTrippers Session 4-1 (Into the Red)

by | Dec 11, 2017 | LoTT Actual Play, SoundCloud MP3s

Jack Nash – John

Charles (Chip) Parsons – Jesse

Reggie Carlisle – John (Beta)

GM- Tod Foley

Pacing outside the Tiny Tyrant, Nash tries in vain to reach Fitch. As he turns he sees Reggie looking down at Chip as he’s rolling around on the floor. Chip has reverted to a childlike state, which isn’t entirely unheard of on returning from a trip. Nash talks to him for a while and Chip reverts to his normal self for a little bit but reveals a secret he’s never told anyone.

Reggie suggests that he keep Chip at his place for the time being to let him recoup. On the way Reggie drops Nash off at tube station so he can head to Fitch’s place to check in. Safely ensconced at Reggie’s, the pair watches cartoons and Chip chows down on ice cream. Nash arrives at Fitch’s and it looks like everything is quiet. When he goes in it looks like Fitch never came home. Nash tries calling him again and still there’s no response. Instead he calls Reggie to give him an update. He grabs some ice cream from the freezer for Chip and then heads home to see if Fitch is there.

As Nash reaches his front door he can see that it’s been repaired. Cautiously entering there’s a strong smell of paint in the air.   Everything has been fixed and cleaned.   He searches the house and finds Jasper the cat locked in a closet. Next stop is Suzie’s place but before heading out, Nash goes next door to talk with his neighbor George. George says he noticed the cleaning crew and made sure to go over so they knew somebody was keeping an eye on the place. They had an “official” work order “signed” by Nash. He calls Reggie who suggests trying to set up a meeting with Lithium..

As soon as they hang up Reggie gets a call from Bento Hajir, a captain in the Special Forces, who was Reggie’s direct superior for a short time. Bento tells Reggie that he’s being recalled for a rescue mission and that he should put a team together and be at Diaspora Ranch within the hour.   During the evening, Chip has been in and out of coherence. Reggie realizes that even the little bit of Zoom Zoom that he gave to Chip has turned him into an addict.   Under the gun and in need of a team Reggie makes the decision to sprinkle more Zoom Zoom on some pickles and give them to Chip. It “works” and Chip is back in the fight.

Meanwhile, Nash arrives at Suzie’s house. The lights are on and it seems quiet. He parks and goes up to try the front door, which is open. Everything is pretty much how they left it when they were here before but no Suzie. What he does find is a Dear John letter from Suzie. It’s in her handwriting but doesn’t seem like her voice and it’s signed with her full name.

Reggie calls for a car and he and Chip meet up with Nash at a truck stop on the highway on the way to Diaspora Ranch. Calls to Lithium go unanswered Use Code Legends10 to get 10% off your order!

Theme music created by Brett Miller