DayTrippers Session 7-2 (Press Junket)

by | Jun 4, 2018 | LoTT Actual Play

Jack Nash – John

Reggie Carlisle – John (Beta)

GM- Tod Foley

Rodgers is at the motel promptly at 8am to pick up Reggie and Nash. They head to the rendezvous point and board a bus joining the journalists already gathered. The attendant, Bella begins the company spiel and takes questions.   Reggie begins to live the roll asking many pointed questions.

The bus arrives at the Somnambula Inc headquarters and the tour is handed off to Clara Duvan, the head of PR. She passes out some literature and begins the limited tour of the facility. Reggie notices Rodgers surreptitiously releasing what appears to be a micro drone as he ties his shoe. Next stop on the tour is to talk with Dr. Gobbles, the head of R&D. When people start asking specific technical questions he deflects them. During this time Rodgers lets off another micro drone.   Reggie and Nash realize they are probably mapping the facility and streaming them back to Dark Matter.

Continuing the tour with one of the salesmen, Max Genesi, they are lead into a comfortable sitting area.   Max begins telling everyone about the improvements to the Dream Deck 5 and then asks for a volunteer to come up.   Nash puts a hand on Reggie’s are before he can volunteer. Steven, one of the other journalists, goes up and is fitted with the new Dream Deck.   As he is activating it Max tells everyone that with the new Dream Deck 5 you don’t even have to be asleep for it to work and to their astonishment a hologram appears before them. Max and Steven put the Dream Deck through its paces before things begin to get a little risqué and the tour is moved to the commissary.

Nash quickly exits the commissary making for the restroom and begins checking all of the doors in the hallway. When the elevator dings behind him he jumps in behind the exiting technicians and heads up to the third floor.   All of the doors on this level are also locked with keypads. In one room Nash finds hat appears to be numerous clones of one man. In another room he finds a woman sleeping with her back to the door and in his gut he knows it’s Suzie.

Realizing he’s almost out of time Nash heads back to the elevator just as the doors open, revealing Clara Duvan. With a strained smile she takes Nash’s wrist and brings him back down to the commissary.   Nash is quite apologetic feigning that he was lost and got turned around. They know the jig is up so when it’s time for the tour to continue Nash, Reggie and Rodgers jump into the elevator and head for the first floor with security in pursuit. When the reach the bottom floor security is waiting but they are caught flatfooted as Reggie, Nash and Rodgers use their compression pistols and break for the door.

They are met outside by an unmarked black hovervan and make their escape. Rodgers heads to the bar and Nash and Reggie go back to the Anxious Arms. Nash is paranoid that their cover has been blown so they grab their shit and bolt and call Bento. Use Code Legends10 to get 10% off your order

Theme music created by Brett Miller