Deathwatch Final Sanction Session 1 Part 2

by | Jun 6, 2016 | LoTT Actual Play, SoundCloud MP3s

Deathwatch Final Sanction

Tad – Brother Lucian

John – Brother Skold

Silentstrider M – Brother Gregor

Mike – Brother Elias

Freaky – Brother Sepheiron

Andy – GM

The battle brothers find out that the PDF commander Ascote is actually a shape changing
Callidus Assassin named Syndalla the last of Inquisitor’s Kalistradi retinue. Kalistradi is missing and the city is close to falling. Lord-Governor Perian Thorsholt has pulled a majority of the PDF Forces behind the wall of the Magistria district contributing to the anarchy of the city. Also in the Magistria district is the House of Echoes, where the Astropath Elsharna resides.

Syndalla say’s she has seen invasions like this before, and she is sure they have just hours before the shadow in the Warp descends and all communications are cut off. They will need to get to Elsharna to get a message out to the Deathwatch if the planet is to be saved. The Battle Brothers proceed to Thorsholt Manor where they find a banquet in full swing. Can all be as it seems…..
Theme music created by Brett Miller