Deathwatch Hive Fleet Impossible Part1

by | Oct 3, 2016 | LoTT Actual Play, SoundCloud MP3s

Brother Lucian – Tad
Brother Sepheron – Freaky
Brother Skold – John
Brother Zahariel – Neil
Brother Zada – Mike
GM – Andy

It has been reported that there is a staging area, south of Landshome, for the Xenos containing synapse creatures. With the knowledge that killing those synapse creatures will destroy the cohesion of part of the invading force, Kill Team Epsilon heads back down dirtside. This time though they have the support of Captain Grayson’s men.
Which, honestly, in most cases means that the Battle Brothers just hand out red shirts to everyone before the leave the briefing but hey, you never know.

So with the valkyrie providing close air support and a squad of crack Imperial troops, the Marines get to it. Landing in a field of meter tall grass starts everyone on high alert but Brother Zahariel burns down the field with his flamer. Step one, check. Kill it with fire.
With their landing zone now secure Brother Lucian gives a rousing speech to the troops. Thus properly prepared they are ready to die. Step 2, check. Meat shield.

Not finding anything in their immediate area the order is given to send the valkyrie out to scout around for the xenos position. As the valkyrie circles to the north they are attacked by a horde of gargoyles. Drawing them back to the landing area Kill Team Epsilon makes quick work of the winged xeno. The valkyrie, having sustained some damage is moved to the barn for repairs. Brothers Skold and Zada take a squad of Imperial troopers to get eyes on the xenos staging area and boy do they find it.

Theme music created by Brett Miller