Deathwatch Hivefleet Impossible Part 3

by | Oct 17, 2016 | LoTT Actual Play, SoundCloud MP3s

Brother Lucian – Tad
Brother Sepheron – Freaky
Brother Skold – John
Brother Zahariel – Neil
Brother Zada – Mike
GM – Andy

Completing their mission the Marines of Kill Team Epsilon are taken back up to the command ship, Blade of Drusus to determine their next move. Captain Grayson feels that it’s time to commit forces to attack the hive fleet. To this end he proposes to send Kill Team Epsilon aboard the hive ship to find the synapse chamber and destroy the hive link, sending the fleet into disarray.   Secondary missions include rescuing any potential survivors and gathering genetic material from the ship.

Our group of fearless Space Marines is loaded into torpedoes that have been converted into boarding craft and launched into the Tyranid vessel. Upon exiting the torpedoes, Kill Team Epsilon finds themselves inside the ship, which gives all appearance of being inside a muscle.   Fighting off ropey tendrils they make their way deeper into the vessel.

As they continue deeper they find lung-like “organs” that appear to be spore flumes.   The flumes operate the spore shield so they are dispatched with prejudice. Next is the gestation chamber, filled with vile, incubating xenos. Brother Lucian is able to carefully extract a genetic sample without disturbing the gestating creatures.

Moving from the reproductive chambers the team enters the “stomach” area. They are surprised to find a partially digested imperial ship covered in horrible slug-like xenos creatures. Brother Zada is able to jet pack over to investigate and determines that there are survivors inside the ship trying to hold off a group of tyranid warriors. Time for Kill Team Epsilon to get to work!