Deathwatch – Hivefleet Impossible Part 4

by | Oct 24, 2016 | LoTT Actual Play, SoundCloud MP3s

Rounding the corner the Marines find tyranids trying to eat through the door to the bridge. Brother Zahariel’s flamer along with Brother Skold’s bolter makes quick work of them. Unfortunately for the rescued crewmen, when they open the door a rush of air blasts down the hallway as the ship depressurizes and starts to sink. With Kill Team Epsilon leading the way they find the nearest hatch and exit the ship. Brother Zada, with his ever-useful jetpack, transfers the survivors to “solid ground”.

The team moves ever deeper into the strange xenos vessel. Eventually they reach the electrified central core. Cautiously making their way up they are able to avoid the electrical charges being released. Once they reach the top, a cavern heads off into what appears to be the synapse chamber. Here, the weight of the Hivemind is like an unbearable pressure, buzzing in their minds.

Brother Lucian identifies the synapse links and formulates a plan to cut the links simultaneously. Everyone steels themselves for the killing blow but at the crucial moment Brother Zada and Brother Zahariel hold back. They try again and only Brother Zada is able to manage his attack. The synapse chamber is self defending, increasing the pressure in the space marines minds. (we all have really shitty will scores)

Unable to attack the synapse links directly they attach grenades, rigged with timers to destroy the links. With a deafening crack the links are destroyed and the pressure of the Hivemind goes away. Just then the ship shudders and rolls and start to fall.

Just when it seems the Emperor is ready to claim his due there is a disturbance in space/time and a large black ship is ejected from the immaterium. The message from the astropath Syndalla must have gotten through. The team along with the survivors are teleported to the deck of the Deathwatch battlebarge.

The hive fleet is destroyed and Avelos has been spared. During the debriefing it is learned that Brother Gregor along with a small contingent boarded one of the smaller hive ships. What they found was most disturbing, a piece of space marine armor bearing the mark of the Emperor’s Children!

Theme music created by Brett Miller