Deathwatch Oblivion’s Edge Part 1

by | Jul 18, 2016 | LoTT Actual Play, SoundCloud MP3s

Brother Skold – John H

Brother Lucian – Tad

Brother Gregor – Silent Strider

Brother Seraphim – Freaky

Brother Zada – Mike

Brother Zahariel – Neil

GM – Andy


Brother Elias has fallen, overpowered by disgusting xenos gene stealers in the sewers of Avalos.  Brother Lucian has secured his precious gene seed and Kill Team Epsilon is returning to the Lord Governor’s burnt out mansion, their new base of operations.

In the week following the destruction of the xenos Brood Lord, most of the pdf troopers have fled.  The shape shifting Syndalla has dropped her guise as Captain Ascote.  When something crashes about 4 blocks away from the mansion Kill Team Epsilon springs into action.  Expecting the worst the team is surprised to find an Imperial drop pod.  Reinforcements have arrived.

Brother Zada and Brother Zahariel join the team bringing their own unique talents to bear against the xenos scum.  As spores begin to fall the vox at the mansion crackles to life, Fleet Captain Cobb has arrived in orbit.  The team has two hours to get to the space port for evac.  They round up the survivors, including the Governor, the astropath with her hollow guard and the remnants of the pdf troopers and head out.

What could go wrong………?

Theme music created by Brett Miller