Deathwatch Oblivion’s Edge Part 2

by | Jul 25, 2016 | LoTT Actual Play, SoundCloud MP3s

Brother Skold – John H

Brother Lucian – Tad

Brother Gregor – Silent Strider

Brother Seraphim – Freaky

Brother Zada – Mike

Brother Zahariel – Neil

GM – Andy

Kill Team Epsilon, along with their caravan,  has traversed halfway across the Calistria District.  While making the turn onto the avenue that will take them down into Portica the rear transport slews wildly and pops a few tires.  Brother Zahariel with the aid of his servo-arm is able to make quick work of the repairs swapping tires around from the other transports.  With no further incidents the Team makes it to the spaceport where they find the remnants of a PDF unit.

Brother Lucian orders up some hasty defenses and the team digs in and waits.  Their hard work is not not long in proving it’s worth as the first wave of tyranid hordes attack from the west.  Waves of hordes are followed up by massive tyranid elites as the Team is slowly pushed back to the top of the landing platform as their outer defenses give way.

At the penultimate moment Captain Grayson arrives with the Valkyries extracting the remaining forces and taking them to a waiting Imperial shuttle.

Theme music created by Brett Miller