Deathwatch Oblivions Edge Part 4

by | Aug 8, 2016 | LoTT Actual Play, SoundCloud MP3s

Brother Skold – John H

Brother Lucian – Tad

Brother Gregor – Silent Strider

Brother Seraphim – Freaky

Brother Zada – Mike

Brother Zahariel – Neil

GM – Andy

With the top of the dam secure, Kill Team Epsilon turns their attention to the interior of the structure. Brother Zahariel makes quick work of the door allowing the team ingress and they commit a cardinal sin…..they split the party.

Brother Zahariel and Brother Skold head up to the control room while the rest of the team heads down into the pump room to set the charges. Using their impressive charm and Brother Zahariel’s servo arm they gain access to the control room and find a few of the dam’s engineers hiding out.

While scanning the computers in the control room, Brother Zahariel notices a drop in water pressure just as the bomb team notices water rising in the pump room. Tremendous bangs and clangs come from the water inlet pipes as 5 enormous Tyranid warriors burst forth into the room. It’s a target rich environment, does Kill Team Epsilon have what it takes? Probably…..they’re Space Marines after all.

Theme music created by Brett Miller