Deathwatch Session 1 Part 3

by | Jun 13, 2016 | LoTT Actual Play, SoundCloud MP3s

Deathwatch Final Sanction

Tad – Brother Lucian

Me – Brother Skold

Silentstrider M – Brother Gregor

Mike – Brother Elias

Freaky – Brother Sepheiron

Andy – GM

The battle brothers grill the Lord Governor.  Xenos are coming from the Fabrica district.  Rebels attacked there and raised all the gates then destroyed all but one of the bridges.  Seeing that the mansion is compromised it’s decided to burn it down, just to be sure.

Collecting the remaining PDF troopers and the Lord Governor, Kill Team Epsilom heads over to the Tower of Echoes, home of Elsharna the Astropath.  They talk to Elsharna and convince her to send a message.  While she’s doing that the tower is attacked by a rebel horde.

While fending off the bloodthirsty rebels, two genestealers make their way up the Tower of Echoes and make their way inside.

Theme music created by Brett Miller