Dice of Crowns Review

by | May 31, 2016 | Game Reviews


Players: 2-6

Play time: 10-20 minutes

Type: Dice Game

Mechanic: Push your luck, Dice rolling, Take that

Designers: Sean Epperson and Brander (Badger) Roullett

Publisher: Thing 12 Games

Dice of Crowns Review

The King is dead, all hail the King. No wait, he’s dead, the heck with him. It’s time to make your claim for the crown, unfortunately so are all of your rivals. So grab your dice and prepare for battle!

Set up:

It’s easy, pick someone to be the first player. Roll all seven dice and you’re on your way.

Game Play:

There are 7 custom six sided dice that you will roll on your turn.  Each die has two skull icons, two scrolls, one dagger and one crown.  On the active player’s turn if they roll either 3+ crowns or 5+ skulls they claim a crown token.  If Fortune or Fate favors your regal rolling and you score 7 crowns you claim two crown tokens on your turn.  When rolling 7 skulls you get to steal a crown token from another player.  Be always on guard, if you roll 3+ daggers your turn is over and you forgo claiming any tokens on your turn.  The Grand Betrayal occurs when 7 daggers are rolled.  In this case each player receives a dagger that will count on their turn.  When scrolls are rolled they represent Intrigue.  The active player may choose which player or players receive those dice showing the scroll icon.  The inactive player(s) will roll those dice and depending on the outcome of the die roll, will determine whether they help or hinder your claim to the throne.
When the inactive player rolls the dice granted to them and they roll crowns they get to keep those dice to use on their turn.  If they roll either skulls or scrolls they go back to the active player.  The active player may then re-roll skulls, scrolls or both.  All matching dice must be rerolled together or not at all.  On a roll of daggers the inactive player can choose whom to give the die to.  This will count on that player’s turn when they become the active player.  Play continues until the player claims a token, receives 3 daggers or it is no longer possible to claim a token.
Pass the dice to the next player, they now become the active player.


The first player to claim 3 crown tokens is crowned the new Ruler.


Dice of Crowns vanquishes it’s foes and claims the gaming throne.  This is a great light strategy game that plays in about 15 minutes.  The custom dice look awesome and convey the elements and theme of the game clearly.  Each game supports 2-6 players and there is plenty of dice rolling to go around even when you’re not the active player.  Those of you who follow our game reviews know I love a quick, portable game and this definitely fits the bill.

With two players the strategy aspects falls to the wayside a bit and it becomes a mad dash to be the first player to claim 3 tokens.  As you add more players however, the strategy has a bigger impact on play.  Dice of Crowns can certainly give games like Zombie Dice a run for their money!  So pick up a copy or two, you can thank me later.