Dragon Sheath Review

by | Feb 20, 2016 | Gaming Aids

For those of you who are familiar with Dog Might Games you know their name is synonymous with high quality gaming products.  If you’re not familiar with Dog Might Games I have to ask where have you been all this time?  Under a rock, at the DMV, hiding in your closet because you thought the zombies were coming?

It’s time to get in the game because those insane axe-wielding Viking Lumberjack Gods over at Dog Might have a new kickstarter going on right now and you have to get in on it!

It’s called The Dragon Sheath and it will change the way you think about how you store your gaming gear forever. Well maybe not forever but for a while anyway, I mean it is pretty cool.  Let me show you what I’m talking about:

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Each Dragon Sheath is designed to store your essential gaming accessories including pencils, dice, minis and coins. The one I received will hold up to two sets of dice and two pencils or one set of dice and 2 or 3 minis.


This particular piece is made of Leopardwood banded with cherry.  It has the “G” interior design and the Medusa and Flail sculpts.  Ok, what the hell does all that mean you might be saying.  Let me explain.  No, there is too much. Let me sum up. (Princess Bride anyone?)

There are currently 53 different sculpts that you can choose from to adorn your Dragon Sheath, with the potential for more to be added during the kickstarter.  Each sculpt is lovingly designed and coaxed from the wood by these masters of woodcraft.  With 11 different interior designs to choose from you’re sure to find one to suit your needs but if by some strange reason you don’t they could create a new one by request.

The Dragon Sheath features over 25 different wood and finish combinations including premium banded woods for the discriminating gamer.  Pricing starts at just 35 dollars for the basic Dragon Sheath.   Customization of stain, sculpts and interiors starts at 60 dollars.

The Dragon Sheath is designed for you to be able throw it in your backpack and go to your game and measure approximately 8.5″ x 2.25″ x 2.0″.  Well, that’s great but what if it comes apart?  Short answer is, it won’t, the four magnets are 0.25″ rare earth neodymium and give a satisfying snap when closed (they are incredibly strong, watch your fingers!)


Bottom line The Dragon Sheath is awesome!  The guys at Dog Might Games have created another fantastic gaming accessory.  From the beautiful art and design to it’s functionality and quality.  It’s a Crit!