Dungeon Delvers Part 1

by | Feb 29, 2016 | LoTT Network - Actual Play, SoundCloud MP3s

When the rats swarmed out of the woods and through the village of Roarke, nobody paid much attention. But when they swarmed through Trent and Yarah only a few days later, the locals knew something foul was afoot.

Survivors describe the event as though a wave of rats crested at one end of the village and rolled all the way to the other. Along their chosen path they would enter every building by door, window, or chimney, seeking any small
shiny object or food they could easily carry away.

The villagers were largely unharmed if they simply got out of the way, but a few stopped to fight back and paid the price. Other local villages have asked for help, but in the meantime have started a network of lookouts to give the people even a little warning to flee for their lives.

Three unnamed heroes are summoned by the elders of Trent and asked to investigate this plague of pestilent pests. After gearing up they set off to find the rats, which are easily tracked to the ruined keep of Sir Gyle.

Will our heroes return triumphant of will they fall in the “Realm of the Rat King”