Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Session 7-2

by | Aug 28, 2017 | LoTT Actual Play, SoundCloud MP3s


Kyrixes Goldenflame – John
Spritle Chudforth – Dan
Njorvold Anvilesmite – James

Graavor Corgretor – Burt
Diro Kalamire – Gabe
Sled – Aaron
DM – Vince

Sled heads down into the sewer, lantern in hand. As he makes his way further in, the light from the lantern reveals passages branching left and right further ahead. The rest the party joins Sled in the sewer tunnel and investigating the area it appears that the right passage looks as if it has been disturbed. Spritle sends Bigby, his bat familiar, to scout ahead.   Bigby finds light coming from a grate set in the wall so the party moves forward. Spritle checks the grate for traps and finding nothing proceeds to pop the grate off. Bigby delves further into in tunnels and comes upon a room that turns out to be rat central. Wererats and rat swarms abound!   Sled tries to convince to the party to use the door as a choke point but Kyrixes rushes in breathing his dragon breath.

Combat ensues and Ned takes a beaten from the party ultimately loosing his head to Sled’s blade.   Which I should be noted that Sled keeps the head and takes in with them when they leave.

While investigating the room, they find a trapped stone in the floor. The ever vigilant Spritle finds the trap and safely disarms it finding Ned’s journal, a cloak and a crap load of coins. Sled assumes ownership of Ned’s belongings and begins reading from the journal.

With nothing left to do except get paid our group heads topside to get cleaned up and collect their debt. Afterwards they head over to the temple of Bahamut to check in on Sir Reginald. It seems he is in need of an artifact that will replace the flesh on his bones. Unfortunately the artifact is in Thay, a journey not undertaken lightly.   They agree to help as good adventurers are wont to do and they use their pocket boat to head back to Waterdeep before beginning their new quest.


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Theme music created by Brett Miller http://www.brettmillermusic.net/