Fear Itself Session 10-1

by | May 15, 2017 | LoTT Actual Play, SoundCloud MP3s

Jack Crandall – Brett

Erin Shaughnessy – John

Randy Anders – Kurt

GM – Neil

With their “prisoner” secured Randy, Jack and Erin start driving around Philly trying to figure out what to do. Erin turns the junkie’s pockets out and to no ones surprise there’s nothing useful, not even an ID. They wake him up and begin “interrogating” him. Mostly they just give him money to answer questions, like what the fuck is happening.

Turns out the Junkies name is Jared and he lives in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Tried a bunch of other drugs and then found out about Dead Arm. Now he’s got a Jones, real bad.   There are 3 guys usually inside the building and one of them injects the Dead Arm to the “client”. The place is locked up real tight and has something close to a bank vault door.

Without a solid lead they guys decide to give Jared the money for another dose of Dead Arm if he agrees to go in wearing a spy cam. Randy Googles spy cams and finds a shady looking place not too far away that sells what they’re looking for. So they head over and Jack picks up a pair of spy camera glasses and a button cam.   The cams have wifi and there’s an app so that they can watch and record what is happening inside the building.

Then they head back to the alley and prepare to send Jared in…….

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Theme music created by Brett Miller http://www.brettmillermusic.net/