Fear Itself Session 10-2

by | May 22, 2017 | Legends of Tabletop

Jack Crandall – Brett

Erin Shaughnessy – John

Randy Anders – Kurt

GM – Neil

The guys make their way back across town to the alley and equip Jared with all of the spy equipment. Randy uses his phone as a hot spot so they can connect to the cameras and then they send Jared on his way. Jared is let into the building and the camera shows a room with people laid out on the floor as if they’re near death. Tony, one of the guys who works inside, takes Jared’s glasses and passes the money off to Sam, who knocks on a heavy door.

When the door opens the “person” who emerges appears to be an alien commonly referred to as a gray. He/it hands Sam a large needle with a viscous black substance in it and Sam injects Jared who immediately goes limp.

In the car Randy, Jack and Erin wait for something to happen. A little bit later the camera shows an old, creepy, dirty looking guy come in and palm some money to Sam and then begin assaulting one of the passed out female junkies. Frustrated at their inability to do anything Randy takes off and they head back to the airport to send a postcard hoping that maybe Edward can send in the cops.

After a short wait Erin and Randy feel a change in the air and there’s a postcard in the box. Edward wants them to upload the video to a private IP address and to confirm the extraterrestrial nature of the drug and being. After a little bit of back and forth the guys are told to get incontrovertible proof that there is an alien (a clear picture), a raw sample of the drug or someone’s blood who has recently taken it or if they think it’s necessary to eliminate the threat (hard breach).

Frustrated by Edward’s apparent lack of cooperation the guys head back to see if they can grab Jared when he comes out of the building. They pick up the signal on the button cam and it’s completely dark. The video from the glasses shows the lights on inside the building. Jack is able to triangulate the signal on the button cam and it’s only s few blocks away.

Coming out onto a regular street Erin notices a body in the sewer on the side of the road. There a few minutes of consternation as they try and figure out what to do and then Jack jumps out of the car and pulls up the sewer grate and then Erin jumps down to the body. Jared is dead so Erin tries to get a blood sample by cutting Jared’s wrist. There’s no blood. So instead he cuts into Jared’s belly and “blurps’ the blood/fluid into a ziplock bag. With Jack’s help Erin get out of the sewer and they take off to find a mailbox so they can send a postcard to Edward.

In the morning there is a postcard for them at the hotel telling them to overnight the sample and wait in Philly until it’s analyzed. With nothing else to do the guys spend a fun day out in the city taking in the sights while they wait for further instructions.

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